Gettin’ Ready for Stompin’

In order to break up the masses of basic infantry I’ve been doing lately (Goblins, Highlanders, Space Marines), I wanted to work on a big involved piece. A while back I spotted the ‘Burrowing Beast’ from Reaper Bones (aka the old Bulette from D&D) and figured it would be a great beast for use somewhere. I figured out I could use it as the generic Slasher for an Orc Kludger for Kings of War. It was appropriately spiky, massive, and brutal looking for a big Orc to ride into battle on.

The Beast itself is right out of the box. I added several rolls of paper, piled up on the back to resemble canvas or leather (a primitive saddle), with plenty of extra bits. The little armor discs are found throughout the army; they are actually ‘True-25mm’ shields from some other company. The saddle got an extra axe, some trophy heads, a cask (from the Ogre box), and some shield bosses as decoration.The Beast’s back crest serves as a good protective shield/saddle horn for the rider.

The Boss himself has the metal Champion sword arm from the old 5th-6th ed Orc Boyz unit box, a plastic Black Orc head, and a few more random pieces to individualize him. He will also have a shield in the end.

I wanted to show the full piece before I get started painting. Like previous larger models, I’ll post pics as I finish it.


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