In Death I Serve



I’ve gotten back to work on the Black Templars Space Marines. The next arrival is the Venerable Dreadnought.

He is nicely decorated, with plenty of skulls and campaign honors, as well as the ubiquitous litany text and purity seals on some armor panels. I opted for the exposed pilot helmet over the sarcophagus to make him visually separate from the army’s other (regular) Dreadnoughts.

The Dreadnought has alternate weapon swaps; either an assault cannon, lascannon, or plasma cannon. The assault cannon has its own arm, while the other weapons clip into the same arm. The left arm is a power fist. I used the ‘hand-like’ version of the first, again to distinguish him from the other Dreads.

More Templars coming soon!


5 Responses to “In Death I Serve”

  1. Great Job. Very crisp. Has he seen battle yet?

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