Saga: Goblins?!


Goblins…in Saga?! Don’t remember the wolf riders in your history books?

This could use an explanation… I wanted to try out some of the other Factions from Saga, other than my Anglo-Saxons, Anglo-Danes, Vikings, and Welsh. The ones that interested me from Saga: The Crescent and the Cross all involved plenty of cavalry, something I completely lack among my historical minies.

On the other hand, I already owned plenty of Goblins from my Warhammer army. I’ve posted pics of them in the past. I added a few new members, bumping the numbers up until I had enough to field a force for Saga. I based the Goblins off of the Spanish Faction from Crescent and the Cross. The unpredictable unit activations, the enemy debuffs and harassment, and the general lack of too many combat bonuses seemed to fit the Goblins’ fighting methods. I even made my own version of the Goblin Khans Battleboard. Some day I may paint up a proper historical Spanish force, but this will do for now.

I have enough for 6 points so far, with more wolf riders in progress to give me more options for units.

Warlord (mounted on his crocogator)

3 points of 4 Hearthguard (the spear and shield-armed wolf riders)

1 point of 8 Warriors (the short bow-armed wolf riders, counting as javelins)

1 point of 8 Warriors (on foot, armed with spear and shield)

1 point of 12 Levy (armed with bows)

I’ve played a game with them against Moors (a friend’s army; Mounted Warlord, 5 points of Warriors on foot and 1 point of bow Levy). They were able to outmaneuver and overwhelm the Moors in piecemeal, jumping in and interrupting the slower Moor infantry. Charging units on the opponent’s turn, followed by a charge on my own turn, I was able to lay on Fatigues and whittle units down, before a devastating charge from a fresh Goblin unit was able to eventually destroy the targets. I lost a fair amount of Warriors due to their weakness to shooting and close combat, and my Hearthguard got thinned from repeated charges, but I pulled out a strong win. More games in their future!


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  1. Ruins of Arotha Says:

    These are great!

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