Saga: Fantasy 2



I’ve added a few more battleboards for Saga, converting more armies from Warhammer Fantasy into Saga: Dark Age rules.

I recreated 3 of the Chaos Gods; Nurgle, Khorne, and Slaanesh. I’ll get to Chaos Undivided and Tzeentch soon enough. I also created the Dark Elves as the counterpart to the High Elves.

Slaanesh: The swift, merciless movements and callous self-sacrifice of Slaanesh’s worshippers is nicely recreated with the Mutatawaii rules. As minions give themselves to the embrace of blissful death, they earn Slaanesh’s Favor.

Warlords are the Champions of Slaanesh, gifted by their god, bedecked in luxurious armor. They can right on foot, or ride either prancing horses or the dread Steeds of Slaanesh (using rules for Camels, unnerving cavalry).

Hearthguard are the Chosen, the favored followers of the cult. They can either fight on foot or on horse or Steed. Another option could be Hearthguard represented by a group of Daemonettes.

Warriors are the Cultists, armed and dedicated, vying for the favors of Slaanesh. They fight on foot, with sword or bow. Alternately, the bow-armed Warriors could be a coven of cultist sorcerers, their spellcasting represented by the rules for bows (lowering their Armor accordingly).

Levies are not part of the warbands; only the most dedicated and fearless follow the path of the Dark Prince.

Nurgle: Nurgle’s children play the long game, grinding their opponent down through disease and exhaustion, resisting repeated charges with unfeeling flesh and breaking them with merciless counter-attacks. The Anglo-Dane rules suit them. The Fatigues the army can lay on their opponents could be seen as disease and decay.

Warlords are the Champions of Nurgle, bloated with plague, bearing great scythes and rusted flails. They count as carrying Dane Axes (-1 Armor for targets in melee, and -1 Armor versus enemy melee attacks).

Hearthguard are the Chosen, immensely tough and implacable. They can be gifted with great weapons or other mutations (giving them Dane Axes) or more mundane weapons.

Warriors are the Warriors of Nurgle, the common soldiers of the Plague God, with the most blessed Marauders joining their ranks.

Levies are desperate and lost commoners, weakened by mutation and disease, following the warband in worship of Father Nurgle. They carry bows or slings.

Khorne: After some thinking, I decided to adapt Khorne’s worshippers using the Jomsvikings. The bloody soldiers of Khorne are pitiless and unstoppable, building their Rage over the course of the battle, until they unleash it through violent destruction. Any member of the warband can carry great weapons or halberds (Dane Axes).

Warlord are the Champions of Khorne, blood-soaked, brutal  killers.

Hearthguard are the Blood Knights, the warband’s most dedicated soldiers, gifted with fine armor and gore-slicked weapons.

Warriors are the Slaughterkin, each desiring nothing more than to prove their power and skill to the Blood God.

Levies are not part of the warband. Khorne pays no heed to weaklings and non-combatants, other than providing more skulls for the Throne.

Dark Elves: The Dark Elves’ swift cavalry and murderous ranged power combines to make them a deadly combatant. With this in mind, I used the Normans rules.

Warlords are the nobles, princelings, and dark lords of the Dark Elves. They can fight on foot, or ride dexterous horses or Cold Ones.

Hearthguards come from the ranks of the Black Guard, Executioners, Witch Elves, and Cold One Knights. They can fight on foot, or ride horses or Cold Ones.

Warriors are the City Guard, trained Dark Elven soldiers. Units can be mounted, representing the Dark Riders and lesser Knights. On foot, City Guard are armed with spear and shield, while one unit of up to 8 can carry the iconic crossbows (-1 Armor on ranged targets, but also -1 Armor themselves because they lack shields).

Levies are made up of Slaves, pushed to battle for their masters. Some can be prisoner Elves, High Elves, or various other captured races. They are armed with bows.





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