Honneur et patrie

My French army for Bolt Action grows, slowly. I’ve finished more infantrymen, completing a pair of 7-man Sections. Despite being metal, they have a lot of variety in posing and details.

The army gets some armored support in the form of a Renault R35, a light little tank. For early war, the Renault was well-armored and relatively well-armed, but was already feeling outdated versus anything rolling out of Germany. As I plan on playing the army versus early-war forces (like my own German force) that won’t be too much of a problem. The lack of variety from Warlord means the Renault will stand in for other tanks as well, including the R39, R40 and Char D-1.

The Renault got a nice tricolor camouflage pattern, based off photo sources. The base color was Vallejo German Dark Green, with a black wash and Dark Green/Cruiser Tank Green highlight. The brown splotches were Vallejo Flat Brown, with a highlight of Flat Brown/German Camo Brown. The yellow splotches were GW Balor Brown, with Vallejo Dark Sand highlights. I added transfers of a red club to designate the tank as from 3rd Company, 1st Platoon. An additional roundel of the French colors finishes the tank off.

The tank commander has popped himself out of the turret. I like the uniform, which makes him almost look like a cavalryman or pilot.

More to come- Avant!


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