Here’s a Night Goblin Squig Gobba joining a client’s Gobbos on the field. The Gobba is pretty straightforward- it’s a giant squig that spits out smaller squigs, preferably at the enemy. Alongside him are his Night Goblin masters and some additional squig ‘ammunition’. Whether he will use the Squig Gobba rules, or just count as a Rock Lobba, remains to be seen.

This Forgeworld piece has lots of nice details, as to be expected.  Its scaly skin and face caught in the moment of hocking out the squigs is nicely sculpted. The Goblins are good too with distinctive faces. They do have one problem I’ve had with Forgeworld kits, however, in that some of their detail is too fine to easily identify at first glance. The ropes around their robes and the little sacks and teeth decoration risk getting lost in all those folds.

Any way, I liked this model, with even the squig ammo having personality. They got a good coating of varnish to make them and the spit get a real slimy look.

Edit: I added a pic with more details from the piece; multiple images also seems to be the only way to get the carousel feature for WordPress to work.


2 Responses to “Ptui!”

  1. Haha they look like they would have been fun to paint. Nice work

  2. A very fun model to paint for sure and I think you did an excellent job. Extra point for the wet looking spit/slime.

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