Guild Ball: Morticians



I’ve started a Guild Ball team at my FLGS. I pondered the teams, figuring out the style of play I wanted to do, weighing this against the faction I’d enjoy painting most (always a factor). I decided on the Morticians, since their board control and disruptions shenanigans, along with the model designs, appealed the most. I do find it odd though that mortician is apparently synonymous with necromancer…

I’ve finished two of the team members, based on some Micro Art resin bases. I chose the ‘Temple’ design. I didn’t want the ‘Graveyard’ bases, since as well as being rather obvious, the sculpts were in my opinion too busy and messy. The Temple designs give open space to not distract from the models, but carries with it the hint of the arcane. The team’s colors are black, white, and yellow. I wanted the yellow to be a small accent, rather than any large contingent of the overall color. I’m attempting to keep the color scheme drab and low-key with a limited pallet.

First is Ghast, one of the team’s big bruisers. He has a nice wild twisting movement to his body, whirling to attack all around him. I gave him skin tinged purple to make him somewhat inhuman, even necrotic- fitting as he was obviously inspired by Jason. Some lanky dishwater blonde hair gives enough contrast with his skin and mask to stand out. Lots of black leather and a giant rusty saw blade finish the look.

Second is Graves, the team’s stabby guy. The sculpt is a sharp opposite to Ghast; Graves is all restrained professional compared to Ghast’s wild animal. He even wears a tie under his tool vest. I decided to paint him reminiscent of Ra’s al Ghul from Batman, with distinguished grey temples and streaked goatee.

More to come. Certainly an appeal to the game is the small size of the teams. I’ll ultimately only have 5-6 models to do to get playing.


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