Saga: Sons of Eire


The Irish arrive for Saga: Dark Ages!

I am working on a force for a client, using Gripping Beast metal models. The first members of the warband are the Hearthguard, known in the Irish warband as Fianna. They are a mix of Fianna and Norse-Gaels models.

The first grouping is the Fianna, the chosen bodyguard and elite warriors of the warband. They have a mix of weapons, and a good amount wear some mail and helmets. They probably have more armor than historically accurate (mail being rare in Ireland then) but it will help distinguish them from the basic Warriors and Levies of the warband.

The Fianna get lots of color, with varied plaid and striped clothing. I included detail shots of the unit’s shields. They are a mix of Irish designs, with addition of a few Orlanthi runes from Runequest. These are sufficiently ‘Celtic’ to blend in with the historic designs, but also flavor the models for use in fantasy games.

The second grouping are the Curaidh, the great champions of the Irish force. These uber-Hearthguard are from Gripping Beast. They have a lot of personality, with unique poses and hairstyles. They got the same plaid styling for their clothes that the Fianna did.

More to come!



3 Responses to “Saga: Sons of Eire”

  1. Cool. I really like these. I can see myself expanding into painting historical miniatures eventually. The only historical figures I have at the moment (yet to be painted) are an British firing line, Rorkes drift, from Warlord Games. Hoping to do a full Rorkes Drift diorama one day. I’m liking Vikings and Celts etc too though.

  2. Great models, and wonderful shields!

  3. Thanks!

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