Goblin Bosses

A few Goblin heroes got done during the week. They’re additions to the ongoing Goblin army I’m painting for a client, for use for Warhammer and/or Kings of War. They’re both recent-ish metal characters. There will be quite a few of these characters over time, since Goblins are cheap and you have plenty of types to choose from.

The first is a Night Goblin Boss/Big Boss type, with a pair of cleavers and a defiant pose. I like the little hole in his hood so he can actually see something. Otherwise he’s a pile of armor and black (and green of course).

The other is a Goblin Shaman. He’s a standard Goblin, rather than a Night Gob, so I went with more browns and warm colors instead of the Night Goblin black. He got a nice red topknot to make him stand out more. Lots of bone and metal bangles finish him off.


2 Responses to “Goblin Bosses”

  1. Excellent paintjobs. My favourites: The acne on the Goblin nose and the fancy mushrooms on the bases.

  2. Nice one – I’ve always had a soft spot for the Night Goblins and that boss with the two swords has always been a bit of a favourite. Not sure he’d be looking that bold if the enemy gets any closer mind you… You’ve made him look cracking even if he is just a big mound of black cloth and grubby armour. Nice work on the shaman as well.

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