Guild Ball: Morticians 2


More for the Morticians team for Guild Ball…

Silence is one of the team’s midfielders, which seems odd for a wizened wizardly type of guy. The visual of him dribbling the ball, robes cinched up as he runs, is pretty amusing. I did like his design though. The billowing robes and lack of visible feet gave him a floating ethereal look (compounded by the base, where he is only attached via a single hidden pin). I decided his hood gave him the look of Pazuzu from The Exorcist (the scary face that shows up here and there in the movie). I made his skin sallow and pale, with black pits for eyes.

Since I had free rein to create the team’s goal, except for the 50mm base, I dug around my bits box and brainstormed. I decided on a cemetery statue/mausoleum, topped with Death, patron saint of the Morticians Guild. A Caern Wraith from Warhammer served perfectly. The plinth was from a random set of terrain pieces. The statue is separate from the base to make transport and storage easier.

And yes, that’s an Ultramarines transfer, flipped into the guild’s symbol, the Ω .


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