Saga: D’ya like dags?


More Irish for Saga: Dark Ages!

These fellows are Bonnachts from Gripping Beast, the Warriors for the warband. I’ll probably be dong another group of these eventually. They show more skin and no armor, with simpler color schemes compared to the Fianna. For decoration, I gave them a mix of plaid and striped trousers. Like the Fianna, I added detail shots of the shields and cloaks.

Irish warbands can field 8 Warriors as Wolfhounds, so here’s a full unit for the client to swap if he wants. These hounds are from North Star miniatures. They’re pretty simple sculpts (there are only 2 sculpts out of 8, unfortunately). I converted some of them to add some variety; I cut the bases of the striding dogs to change them up.


3 Responses to “Saga: D’ya like dags?”

  1. Your Freehands are most impressive. The shield designs are beautifully executed with crisp and straight lines. Do you have a specific technique to achieve this?

    • Thanks! As far as technique, a steady hand and a pair of tiny brushes (Army Painter Insane Detail for edges, Windsor Newton Size 1 for fill ins) is the main thing. I will lay down lines in one long swipe of the brush, usually thinning the color just enough to make it flow off the brush, but not run or bead. There’s often a little clean-up on rough or wonky edges. Some colors are easier than others.
      I post the ones that were successful; a few get sent back to the shield makers…

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