Morticians 5


The Morticians team for Guild Ball gets a few more reserve members!

Bonesaw is the 2nd Season recruit, a fast and capable striker. I’ve already had him do wonders in my games (turn 1 goals are nice), though he seems a glass cannon so far. The sculpt is one of my favorites for the team- great posture and details for a relatively simple design. There’s a nice near-kung fu vibe to his pose, with the titular saws held ala war fans. I kept his color scheme similar to the rest of the team. His greyish skin gives a  necrotic feel, appropriate for a guy who gets up after being taken out of action every turn.

A little mercenary help arrives with Minx from the Union. She’ll step into the striker/winger role when it suits her (she parrots a lot of Cosset’s rules but benefits from armor and extra speed). The model is kind of a mess of details, so not my favorite. The mix of leather and fur, as well as a skull mask, makes for a confusing model. The skull at least fits for the Morticians. I gave her the Morticians’ team color scheme to make her fit in. However, the fur hood/cape and blood red hair separate her nicely.

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