Goblin Bosses, again!

More Goblins! The advantage of a Goblin army is the amount of characters you can field, both in variety and quantity.

These two are additions to a client’s Goblin army (see previous posts).

The Night Goblin boss with the axe and trophy rack is from Games Workshop. He’s a pile of skulls and trophy beards, his body almost lost in his robes. His robe got some of the old dog’s teeth and checkers along his sleeves and collar.

The fat Goblin boss is from Avatars of War. He’s close enough to GW’s designs to easily slot into a Warhammer army. He’s got a ton of detail, especially the folds of his skin and flab. I like his hodgepodge armor and loot (frog!), as well as his jury-rigged axe. I assume this minie is a version of the Goblin character Grom the Paunch.

There are plenty more characters to go, so stay tuned.


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