Saga: Celtic Lore

The Irish get a little Celtic pride with the addition of a Warlord and some priests. These guys are from an Irish Saga warband I’m working on for a client.

The Warlord is a sort of Celtic throw-back for the Irish host. The miniature itself a Barbarian King from CMON, an obvious Conan expy. He’s certainly not really historical, with his mismatched armor and weapons. I painted the loincloth a red/white plaid to tie him in with the rest of the army. He also got some wode and tattoos with common Celtic symbols. The rocky base also emphasizes his more ‘primitive’ nature.

The other pic is a pair of Druids from Warlord Games. They’ll stand in as warriors or priest for the warband. Fairly simple in detail, I used broad earthy colors to make them fit into their natural roles. They’ll stand out nicely as a pair of old codgers in the mass of troops.


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