Guild Ball: Masons, etc.


I am working on the Masons team for Guild Ball. This is for the same client as the Alchemists I posted before.

The first I’ve finished are Honour and Brick. Both follow the standard Masons color scheme. However, I used a brighter armor color- Boltgun Metal base, Asurman Blue wash, and Mithril Silver Highlight. This gives the armor a vibrant, clean gleam.  Warm dark leather gives a good contrast.

Honour has a nice fluid pose, befitting the captain and her versatile role. The sculpt does sort of depend on a frontal view to look best though.

Tower has more to offer, with more skin showing to add some color to the simple scheme. He sports a detailed tool belt and extra gadgets as well.

In addition to the Masons, I have a late addition to the Alchemists in the form of Compound. This big guy follows the green/black color scheme of the rest of the team. However, his wooden bionic arms and pallid bare skin help make him stand out. The chemical flasks on his back device brighten him up as well.


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