Guild Ball: We Can Do It!

More Masons for Guild Ball! They follow the blue/black/leather brown/silvery armor color scheme of the rest of the team (as seen in previous post).

Flint is the generically handsome roguish player, hated by players of every other team. The model is as close to a standard dude you could ask for, which is say rather boring. At least the sculpt is nice, with some good detail on his armor. The chaps are a nice touch.

Chisel is a mopish waif, armed of course with a gigantic hammer. I like the pose- coy, innocent, with the hint of a smile of someone ready to smash your shins. I kept her color scheme dark to slim her visually.

Brick is just the Hulk. He’s big and broad, but lacks any real visual oomph. The armor is nice though. I think he’s the only player in the game with bare feet, which makes him stand out.

Marbles is the Mason team mascot. Who doesn’t like an angry monkey? I painted him up as a mandrill. The bright red and blue of the face and yellow jaw gives him lots of color compared to the dull grey-black of his fur and the small armor plates.

Only a few more players to go!


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