Deathwatch: Inner Circle

The Genestealer force from Deathwatch: Overkill is almost complete.

The Magus is the powerful 4th Generation psyker who speaks for the Patriarch. I love the sculpt, with his billowing robe and commanding posture. He stands out in the throng with the red and gold details.

The Princelings are generic Genestealers, so not much to say there…The details are nice, though I wish they had given them more than one sculpt. The only difference between the two is position of their arms. These guys follow the color scheme of the client’s Tyranid force.

The Familiars give a Gollum vibe. Little goblin-Genestealers, with malevolent expressions. Their red clothes give them a splash of color. I opted for a Dark Angel helmet for one to crouch over, since it was a striking green color compared to the pink and blue.

Almost done!


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