Empire: Fancy Lads!


I’ve started working on a client’s Empire army, for use with Warhammer 8th edition, 9th Age, and Kings of War. This is a new version of an old army, the Empire mercenary army dubbed the Fancy Lads!

Their colors are quartered yellow and purple, with black and white the primary contrasting colors. Additional detail colors are blue, red, and metals, with a variety of browns for leather and cloth equipment.

I’ve completed a rank of Halberdiers and some artillery crewmen as test models. The models all follow the army colors but allow for plenty of individuality, with placement of the yellow/purple quartering and halving varying. Red sashes and blue feathers break up the color scheme as well. In addition, the artillery masters got more color and detail pics.

One group of crewmen operate a Helblaster. The gun itself is mostly black and steel, with a few bronze decorations. The front also bears a small shield with the yellow/purple scheme.

While two of the groups of crew are plastic, I also painted a group of the old metal crewmen.

More to come!



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