Deathwatch: The Beast

The Genestealer Hive members from Deathwatch: Overkill are all done!

The last members of the hive are the Patriarch and the Primus. The Patriarch is the spiritual and genetic center of the hive, the originator of the infection that the Hybrids spread. I love the model for the Patriarch. He’s just huge and scary, covered in jagged spikes and ridged armor plates. The pose is also nicely threatening, poised on a cool base. Skulls, slime, and industrial mechanisms are the order of the day for your Aliens-esque monster.

The Patriarch has a few Marines helmets with him, possibly from the previous Kill Team (as alluded to in the fluff of the Overkill game). Red and green helmets are generic enough to stand in for various Marine chapters, and provide splashes of color on a model with no equipment or clothing. The model has enough going on that I have a second pic for more angles to show off detail.

The Primus is the senior Hybrid for the hive, alongside the Magus. Being a 4th Generation hybrid means he’s nearly human, but the extra arm betrays that a bit. He has the same clothes as the common Hybrids, though his black and red long coat look snazzy. The sword got a green appearance to really highlight its poisonous nature.

The Marine Kill Team members will follow eventually.


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