Empire: Fancy Lads Halberdiers


The Fancy Lads Empire army is well underway. The first Halberdiers unit is complete, a 20-man block, with their command section detailed in the pic. The purple/yellow color scheme looks good as a full unit, with blue, red, and white as strong contrasts.

The models are fine, but they do take a lot of effort to rank them up; the halberds are thrust out over the shoulder/into the head of the man to their front and left, so it creates plenty of space issues. When I build full ranked units, I make sure they rank up, usually building 2 ranks at a time. Once done, the members get numbers on the undersides of their bases to make ranking them a breeze. I didn’t actually build these models, so I had no choice in that matter.

Next up are Handgunners and Crossbowmen, as well as some characters. More to come!


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