Empire: Black Powder

The Fancy Lads mercenary company for a client’s Empire force gets some needed black powder reinforcements.

The Handgunners are attired in the same yellow/purple color scheme, carrying long-barreled guns (which due to Warhammer’s heroic scale, must be at least 5-6′ long!). They rank nicely, with the first rank firing and the second either waiting their turn or loading. These smaller regiments of troops are more interesting to paint, as you’re done much faster than a massive block, thus avoiding the boredom of 30+ of the same guys.

I’ve already posted the Helblaster gun, but I’ve since mounted it on a base to avoid tipping on the table (the weapon pieces make it top-heavy). It ties them into the army as well; I’m not a fan of artillery pieces sitting flush on the table. I also finished a second carriage, this one featuring the Helstorm rockets. The idea is that both carriages have the Helblaster gun and Helstorm rockets as separate bits, allowing for them to swap as needed.

Next: Crossbowmen and Empire Captain!


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