Empire: Flights of Feathers

More Fancy Lads for Empire!

This time around there’s a Captain and a Crossbowmen unit.

The Captain is fancy indeed, with yellow and purple slashed jacket, felt hat, and three of the largest feathers in the whole Empire. I made sure he looked very lavish. His armor got a blue wash followed by silver highlights (and gold trim) to make it look very clean and expensive, especially compared to the armor of the State Troops units. His broadsword got extra scoring on the blade to make it look ancient, a weapon passed down through generations. The shield features the same color pattern, with a nice skull/scroll decoration. The scroll bears the words, “Per Aquam Et Ignem” (Through Water and Fire), the motto of the county town of Wexford in Ireland. The army colors are the same as Wexford’s.

Alongside him is a Crossbowmen unit. These guys are the same models as the Handgunners, just with weapon swaps. They follow the scheme of the rest of the army of course. I opted to add a trooper with black jacket in the middle front rank to break up the color scheme and maybe count as a champion for the unit.

Next, more Halberdiers and Great Cannons, and then Swordsmen…


3 Responses to “Empire: Flights of Feathers”

  1. Those guys came out very nicely. I really like how the feathers’ colours draw them together.

  2. Love seeing Ostermark armies, they stand out for the purple. Would you paint them with a warm white instead of yellow?

    • Thanks. The purple/yellow here is actually not for Ostermark, though they so have the same theme. The cooler purple and golden yellow are the colors for Wexford, Ireland instead (as requested by the client).

      If I was doing the scheme for myself, I’d do the yellow as a warm cream, highlighted with off-white. Not a fan of yellow…

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