Empire: For Sigmar!


More Fancy Lads for the Empire! I’ve been working on more Halberdiers to add to the unit I finished earlier. That unit will eventually be a 50-man unit when it’s done.

Meanwhile I’ve been doing smaller units and characters to mix it up.

The Warrior Priest is a standard model (Finecast), without any modifications; it’s good on its own so that’s fine. I painted him in typical colors for a Priest of Sigmar, with metal and red being the most prominent. His gloves are a warmer brown than the rest of the army, and his armor was washed with black and highlighted with silver to give it a very strong gleam. The red is a deep crimson, which contrasts nicely with the metal and gold details. His only nod to the Fancy Lads’ army colors is a purple bag on his belt. Otherwise, he stands out well.

In addition, I’ve added yet another artillery piece to the army (in the end there’s going to be a dozen guns of various types). Here is a Great Cannon with its crew. The cannon is imposingly big next to the men. I kept the crew colors muted like the other crews I’ve done. Black and purple shirts help show these guys are sooty after a few shots (without having to actually dull out their colors).

More Fancy Lads on the way…


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