Age of Sigmar

I’ve taken the plunge into proper Age of Sigmar painting work. A client dropped off a whole army of Stormcast Eternals for me to do.

I’ve not played the game myself, preferring the rank and file units of Warhammer or Kings of War over the loose formations of AoS. The lore is also a serious factor. However, it seems to be building steam at my FLGS, so more people are building armies (so good for me in the long term I suppose).

These Stormcast Eternal Liberators are the test models. We decided against the default gold/blue color scheme, which I’m happy about, since while it might be an effective scheme, I find it a bit boring (and boring to paint). Instead the client liked the dark purple/maroon scheme of one of the other Eternals factions (chapters?). The first pic is the first one I did, showing off his details from different angles. The second pic is the 3 I’ve finished.

The armor is done with P3 Sanguine Red base coat over black, followed by a Nuln Oil wash. The darkened red is highlighted with Sanguine Red and Rakarth Flesh, followed by a Druchii Violet wash to shade everything purple. Gold was done with MSP’s Antique Gold with an Agrax Earthshade wash and silver/gold highlight. Details include Rakarth Flesh/White loincloth (with Mithril Silver scales), P3 Pig Iron/Mithril Silver hammers, and Khorne Red for the weapon hafts. The shoulders, shields, and dagger scabbards are basic Abaddon Black.

The models are nicely done, with some good posing and details. I’m not a fan of their ‘clean’ look though, especially compared to the highly decorated and varied models for the new Khorne units. They’re just sort of anonymous and robot-like. The characters stand out of the pack with lots of detail and personality, so looking forward to doing them over time.

Now the real work begins…


4 Responses to “Age of Sigmar”

  1. I really like these. Wish the photos were a little brighter to see them better. I agree on the stormcasts being a little plain but if I get round to playing AoS it could be a fun chance to try non-metallic metals – there being so much flat space to work with.

    • Yeah, next batch of pics will have more light. That dark purple color scheme seems to soak it up.

      • I have found that using a darker background makes it easier to get a good photo. Without the extremely bright white it’s easier to get a better exposure. My “light box” is just 2 a3 sheets of black foam core and my daylight lamp I paint under and I get pretty good results just using my phone.

  2. […] mates with a magnet in the hips atop the saddle. Easy swap out for any occasion. They match the deep purple armor and gold and bronze of the rest of the Stormcast Eternals army. They did get extra golden plating […]

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