Age of Sigmar: Prime

I’ve completed more of the Stormcast Eternals. So far, I’ve done 10 Liberators and 5 Judicators.

The first pic here is the Liberator Prime, the champion of the Liberators unit. This sculpt is from the Age of Sigmar box, so it’s got a little more decoration and a unique pose. I decided to keep his scheme dark, with the black kilt, though he does have the bone/silver scale loin cloth like the rest of the unit. All the Primes for the army will have a bone-white hair plume to further differentiate them.

The archers are from the Judicators unit. They carry big bows and quivers of giant arrows, but are otherwise like the Liberators. I did add an accent of brightness with white scabbards for the gladius they carry. The Judicator Prime has the hair plume, as well as a gold shoulder pad and knee pad to decorate him.

Next up are some of the characters to break up the monotony of all the rank and file models.


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