Lords of Thunder

The Stormcast Eternals from Age of Sigmar gain some elite reinforcements with a unit of Paladins and a Lord-Celestant.

The Lord-Celestant is a character for the army, an appropriately decorated miniature. He maintains the look of the army, with the anonymous sculpted face and armor, with a few concessions to individuality. His armor has asymmetric gold plating on the right side, with those plates getting extra sculpting (lions faces being the standard for the army). His weapons both got a wash of blue ink followed by silver highlights to make them stand out as the tools of a heroic fighter.

The Paladins are heavy hitters for the army. They’re quite bulky compared to the Liberators and Judicators, carrying huge hammers. The Paladins get more gold and bronze decoration, including the armor plates on their backs. The Paladin-Prime gets the same asymmetric gold plating as the Lord-Celestant. The scrolls flying from their armor gives them some brightness and animation. These models are the simplified sculpts from the starter box, so end up a little rigid compared to the actual multi-part Paladins set. More Paladins are on the way.


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