Deathwatch: Tactical

The Deathwatch Squad I was working one earlier (see the Assault Marines) get expanded with some members with bolters. Like the others they wear black power armor, with their personal chapter symbol, and the distinctive silver Deathwatch shoulder and left arm. They all carry the specialized bolter with all its attachments and extra ammo feeds. All the squad’s members have accessories that showcase their chapter character. I used a mix of Tactical Marines bits, as well as Sternguard Veteran and Deathwatch pieces. These Marines were built before the Deathwatch plastic set came out (just my luck).

The Ultramarine was built to be the ‘squad leader’ type, directing his comrades in battle. This gave him a nice open stance, his right arm holding his bolter away from his body to further widen his pose. He got extra purity seals, scrollwork on his chest piece, and the Roman-esque garlanded helmet and baltea (the groin guard strips). Overall this gave him the character of the ‘glory boy’ Centurion.

The Exorcist was more closed in posture, reflective his sinister nature. He got extra details to show his personality, including prayer scrolls- wrapped around his arm and hanging from his belt. He carries a demonic skull as a talisman, reflected in his chapter icon. His icon was a transfer with additional painted details (and arcane script). He also has the most skulls of any member of the squad.

The last member here is the Dark Angel. His role is Apothecary, so he carries the narthecium and medic backpack. He wears the off-white robes of the Deathwing, befitting a veteran of the chapter. I made his robe a duller shade of ivory to tone it down against the black armor. His armor is almost a throwback to the Legion colors, and he wears a modified Dark Angel icon on his right shoulder. His pose is relatively passive, compared to his squad mates, reflecting his support role.

The last few members of the squad will follow shortly.


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