Stormcasts: Greatweapons


I’ve been adding to the Stormcast Eternals army I’m working on for Age of Sigmar units. These are for the existing units of Liberators and Paladins.

The first are some more Paladin Retributors. One has a standard Lightning Hammer, while the other has a giant Starsoul Mace. They got the same color scheme as the other Paladins. The mace was given a full silver head, with a blue and black wash to make it stand out. These models are from the unit kit, rather than the simplified casts in the starter game.

Second are a pair of Liberators armed with greatswords. The swords certainly look intimidating, and will give their unit a good punch in-game. I gave them the icon and scroll on their backs to visually tie them with the Paladins (as I assume was designed) and to help them be easy to pick out during a game. The army will eventually have 2 units of 10 Liberators, one with pairs of greathammers, the other with pairs of greatswords.

Last is a great centerpiece character model, the Lord-Relictor. This fellow is a riot of detail, with sun rays and lightning bolts decorating his armor (as usual for the Stormcast). In addition his armor has alcoves with bound bones (arm and leg, respectively). To hammer the point home, he wears a skull mask. I made the mask bone to really make him distinctive. He wears a ‘cape’ of scrolls.

The important detail of the model is his banner. It’s a sort of sepulcher-artifact, with a whole skeleton (with armor and sword!) strapped into it, with additional charms and artifacts hanging off its case. More skulls decorate the back of the case, as well as bronze scroll work. I opted to make the case black to make the gold, bronze, bone elements, and the scarlet wrappings of the bones, stand out more. The Lord-Relictor is another example of a limited pallet put to work.

However, the model does showcase a problem I have with the Stormcast army. They’re very ‘samey’ over the whole army. From the basic Liberators to the characters like the Lord-Relictor and the Lord-Celestant, you have a lot of the same details. There is little in the way of distinguishing features from unit to unit so far, and even the characters often just resemble basic troops with more of the same iconography. I’ll be looking forward to more entertaining units like the Prosecutors and Dracoliths.



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