MERCS: The Rising Sun

I’ve dipped my toe into the game of MERCS. After the 2.0 rules came out, a friend ran some demo games for me. I played a few factions, and got to see how others played. The faction that caught my eye was Keizai Waza, the Japanese corp group. Their chunky army and battle tactics seemed most interesting.

I quibbled over the color scheme for a while. I didn’t want to do the bright orange that is the default, so I was thinking some form of urban camo. My IG for 40K are in urban camouflage, and I’ve done clients’ armies in various modern city camo. However, I decided in the end to replicate the color scheme that I used for my JSA for Infinity . I could think of the Keizai Waza as the ancestors of the Japanese members of the Yu Jing.

The Booster and Pathfinder here are my test models. The color scheme uses Vallejo Stone Grey as the armor base, washed with Nuln Oil and highlighted back with some white mixed into the Stone Grey. The undercloth is Vallejo Dark Sea Blue. Detail colors include black for gear and weapons, red for laser sights and visors, and GW Kabalite Green for the ‘nuclear’ armor parts. Red marks on the shoulder and kneepads act as army designation. I kept the bases dark gravel to finish the urban look.

A note on the models- The minies are a very loose casting, with lots of flash and mold lines. The details are sometimes very ‘soft’ or shallow, lacking depth across some parts. Oh well, they were quick to paint up and the army box was cheap to get you into the game. More to come.


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