More Keizai Waza for MERCS 2.0!

The army is painting up fast. This is mostly owing to a simple color scheme and letting some details remain fuzzy instead of defining every armor plate and satchel. I want to get these guys on the table asap.

I think the army has been a successful use of a limited palette. The bone/blue/black/metal/turquoise/red/yellow keeps them simple and uniform. In such cases, the sculpts will have to do to create variation.

The Daimyo is the army leader of course, so he has a nice ‘squad leader’ stance, squared up directing his troops. He doesn’t have much to set him apart from the rest of the squad except for the rocket on his back. The mini-nuke is done in the yellow that shows up in small parts of the army. The turquoise marks out nuclear cells and fuel rods, but the yellow designates toxic stuff like the rocket and the Demo trooper’s grenade. A pair of red dots n a few armor plates designate him as squad leader.

The Spy is a ninja, as expected for a Japanese faction. She is quite wispy and frail compared to everyone else in the army. She lacks the big stoning boots and heavy backpack, instead going for much lighter gear. I like her pose; her waist is quite tiny though. I opted to make her sword the same green of the armor glow. This way it would stand out against the armor and undercloth. I like to think it’s a carbon fiber plastic, razor sharp and easier to hide from scanners (or it’s some type of power sword, fueled by her suit’s power).

The Demo has a great animated sculpt, bounding forward to lob his toxin grenade. Aside from his extra pouches he resembles most of the squad, so the pose is a good way to give him personality. The yellow reminds you the payload he carries is bad news.

Last is the Heavy. I love his chunky sculpt. He looks big and intimidating, backed up by his SAW. I like that he has three whole magazines of ammo for the battle; it’s rare for soldier models to be depicted with enough ammunition. His stance seems to be right before he squares his body and lets rip with hundreds of rounds. He got a little fire spark design on his knee, probably marking out a wonderful memory of battlefield carnage.

I’ve only played about 6 games so far, a few where I was running the demo myself. MERCS is really fast paced and relatively simple to play. I’ll have to get more familiar with all the little special rules for each model. In all the game plays like a mix of Infinity and Malifaux. Thankfully it lacks the insane amount of detail for each model’s rules (ala Malifaux) and Infinity’s useless cheerleaders and Rambo moments.

Oh and this seems to be post 300! Thanks for anyone who’s been following this blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed my efforts.


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