MERCS: The Whole Gang

I’ve finished the Keizai Waza faction for MERCS. It was only 10 models, so pretty easy. The models were all given pretty basic paint jobs, the better to get them to the table sooner.

Here we see the last members. The Sniper is first. He’s an odd sculpt, due to the fact that despite have low armor stats and increased movement, he seems to be wearing the same bulky armor as members like the Heavy or Daimyo. I gave him a camo cloak with an urban pattern of various sized grey and black rectangles and squares. The base color of the cloak is the same dark blue as the Sniper’s undersuit.

The Observer has a distinctive look, with his big goggles and machine pistol. He carries plenty of targeting gear (and some sort of sat-nav pad). I’m not sure about the pose though.

The Spotter has a nice pose like he’s advancing cautiously, signaling with a chop of his hand. His armor also looks different from his teammates, with extra plating in key places. I like his carbine too.

Last is the Wrench, the mechanic for the army. He’s carrying a bunch of bags, satchels, and pouches. The cast was a bit rough, so parts of his torso got fuzzy detailing. Otherwise he’s got a good pose.

Finally a full shot of the complete lineup. I think they look good as a group. There’s enough variation between them to give them personality, but they appear cohesive on the table.




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