Guild Ball: Brewers

I haven’t painted Guild Ball in a while now, so I decided I wanted to do the Brewers. They’ll play very differently than the Morticians, and will certainly present different painting challenges. The prevalence of lots of hearty bare skin, leather, fur, and cloth is a sort of ‘uniform’ for the members. Another ubiquitous element is stitching in the clothes and bandaged wounds, showing that these are folks used to a good brawl. These three are the starting box.

The most common elements are the little kegs they all carry and the tartan patterns, used on kilts, wraps, and bonnets. The tartan pattern is actually a simplified version of the Fraser clan’s hunter pattern (my own ancestral colors). I used a base of warm brown, with red, white, blue, and green lines. Lots of shades of brown were used in their clothing, as well as dull greens, greys, and tans.

Tapper is the captain, and he has a nice gruff demeanor. A forceful pose, swinging a boat hook, still puffing his pipe in the middle of a match. His pose was very forward moving, so I mounted him on a tiered base to emphasize it (and to elevate him). Lots of detail on him, with the bandaged fingers and patched kilt.

Friday is the sole female team member I have at the moment. Consequently she’s much more willowy compared to the big burly dudes of the team. Her kilt is mostly just a wrap, but it still has the tartan pattern. I gave her a white top for an Oktoberfest feel (appropriate for the Brewers, though they seem more like a melange of Scots and Irish/Vikings than Germans). Friday’s skin was a little paler than the men, but I made sure to give her flushed cheeks, since like the others she goes into play with a few drinks on board. Her more static wide-legged stance suggested a relatively flat base.

Last is Hooper, one of the midfielders for the team. Like Tapper he dives forward, swinging his favored weapon, this time a boat oar. He wears a tam o’shanter (or a beret maybe) that got the same tartan pattern as his kilt. Overall, I like his pose, even though it’s too close to Tapper’s. Other sculpts of Tapper alleviate this somewhat, but there is a sameness to them both. I put Hooper on a base to really highlight his momentum, leaping forward to smash someone with his oar.

All the team are based on resin bases from Scibor Miniatures (some instead use Micro Arts Studio bases). These bases have a mix of masonry and industrial ruins, with random moss overgrowth and Celtic designs. Grey stone and moss serves as a strong contrast to the warm color scheme of the team.

More to come!


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