Deathwatch: Heavy Support

The Deathwatch Kill Team I’ve been working on gets its final members, in the form of some heavy support (psychic and heavy weapons that is).

The Space Wolf Rune Priest gives the unit some close combat and ranged psychic punch. Despite his black armor and silver left arm/shoulder, he is proudly Space Wolf, with fur cape, loincloth, runes and charms, and his wild braided mane. He doesn’t have a standard Deathwatch shoulder pad like the others in the squad, since he was a solid single piece model (aside from weapon hands and backpack) and thus the shoulder was sculpted too deep into the model to modify easily. Instead he got a gold field with black edging and a fanged skull transfer. The edge of his force axe was detailed with a lightning effect.

The first of the heavy weapons Marines is a Salamander. He carries the heavy flamer of course, decorated with plenty of battle honors. He got a Mark 4 Maximus armor helmet, giving him a vaguely reptilian look. He wears black armor, aside from the Salamander chapter shoulder and a battle honor on his right knee pad. He and the Storm Warden, like most of the rest of the squad, were built from a mix of plastic Tactical Marines and Sternguard Veterans. Their weapons both come from that kit, the better to showcase their status as well-equipped veterans.

The heavy bolter Marine is a Storm Warden. Unlike other Marines I didn’t have a molded Chapter symbol for the right shoulder pad, so I painted the lightning bolt on shield. The Marine also has a shield-shaped plate (from the plastic Terminator kit) covering his shoulder joint which repeats the design . The case for the heavy bolter is red like the bolters carried by the Tactical Marines, better to make it stand out from his black armor. He has a Deathwatch helmet from the upgrade kit.


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