Guild Ball: ‘Nother Round

More Brewers for Guild Ball! Set ’em up, barkeep.

The team gets a good veteran midfielder in the form of Spigot. I love the pose for the figure, at a full run on the pitch, with a full pint in one hand and broken bottle in the other. I painted him with distinguished grey hair and beard to show off his vet status. I posed him a little off-kilter on his base to show his level of intoxication. The mug was painted to look like frosted glass, with base coat of GW Balor Brown, washed with Seraphim Sepia and Agrax Earthshade, followed with highlights of Averland Sunset and White. The sloshing beer was done the same way, except with a base coat of Doombull Brown.

Stave is one of the big guys for the team. The sculpt shows off his massive bulk, twisting as he prepares to deliver another cask bomb to his opponents. There’s lots of animation to the model, arms counterbalanced and his legs planting. The size of the model allowed for lots of extra detail, with bandages, leg wraps, and folds of fat and muscle. I liked the foam spilling out in an arc as he goes through his delivery. The beer was painted in the same fashion as the splashing drink in Spigot’s mug, though with more white mixed in the highlights to show the foam more. I painted his skin flushed with exertion (not easy being a big guy).

Last is the team cat, Scum. I decided to keep him a more or less solid tabby color instead of a different breed. I figured he’s a small model so needs a solid color to make him appear better on the table. A few white spots on his muzzle, tail, ear, and socks added some life. One eye is clouded from some injury, while the other is a fierce green-yellow. He got a taller base to make him stand out.

I have a few more members to go, as well as the team goal.



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