Crimson Fists: Faith and Will

Chaplains and Librarians!

I’m going to start work on a Crimson Fists Space Marine army for a client. Starting off I’m working on some of the characters from the force.

First up are a pair of Chaplains. The first is the Finecast sculpt, while the second is the plastic kit. The Finecast Chaplain is pretty basic, with no conversion. The plastic kit has a swapped Crimson Fist shoulder pad and a standard backpack instead of the more elaborate one he comes with. They both wear the traditional black and bone color scheme, with the addition of red gauntlets to honor their Chapter.

It’s interesting to contrast the sculpts with an eye toward the materials. The Finecast/metal sculpt is richer I feel, with better details than the plastic can provide. On the other hand the plastic kit can have much finer details (such as the flowing scroll and seals). I should note that the Finecast kit here was perfectly cast. Lucky me!

Next are some Librarians. They wear the traditional blue of the the Librarians, which is odd because their Chapter color is also blue. However, the blue here is a bit brighter than the Chapter blue (both base with Cantor Blue), but the Librarians get a highlight with Cantor Blue/Caledor Sky to brighten them up. Both got resin Fists shoulders and backpacks.

Here again we have two different materials. The first Librarian is a Forgeworld kit, actually a Red Scorpions special character. Luckily his armor lacks any real decoration associated with that Chapter, so he is easily swapped into the Fists. I like the sculpt, with its regal stance and outstretched hand. I painted the edge of his force sword to look like energy was running along it. The other Librarian is pewter (been a while since I’ve seen one of those!) with a plastic left arm and combi-melta.  The age of the sculpt shows (2nd edition, so ca. 1993?), as he’s a bit squat and stiff compared to current Marine designs.

More to come.


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