Crimson Fists: Tactical Squad

Work begins on the Crimson Fists Space Marines proper with the basic grunts, in this case a Tactical Squad. This is a Combat Squad from the first squad, with a Sergeant, 3 Bolter-armed brothers, and a Flamer Marine. Previous entries show some of the Chaplains and Librarians I’ve worked on.

I painted the Crimson Fists with a basecoat of Kantor Blue, with a wash of Nuln Oil, then a highlight of Alaitoc Blue. I kept the highlights simple to keep the overall color scheme dark blue. The only other major colors are metal, black, and of course crimson. The left gauntlets and chapter symbol were done with a base of P3 Sanguine Base, then highlighted with Khorne Red and then Mephiston Red. The purity seals got the same treatment, with an additional yellow highlight.

The Marines have a few extra decorations to individualize them, but keep very Codex overall. The tactical arrow symbol was a Khorne Red outline around Vallejo Black, the black producing a matte effect to make the red stronger.

The Sergeant of course has a bare head to make him stand out, but fear not, his red helmet (denoting a Sergeant) hangs on his belt. He got a pair of decorated shoulder pauldrons to show his service.

The rest of the Tactical Squad is on the way soon.


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