Crimson Fists: Devastate

More Crimson Fists!

The Crimson Fists Marines force will include several Tactical Squads in the end. Among these squads I’ve done a Devastator Squad, since it’s only a 5-man squad.

First up is the Combat Squad from the first Tactical Squad (featured in earlier posts). These are 4 Bolter Marines, and a Marine with a Heavy Bolter. He has the Heavy Bolter and ammo hopper backpack from the Sternguard kit.

The Devastators here are armed with Missile Launchers, accompanied by a Sergeant with his targeting array. The Marines carry the standard issue launchers, with missile-loading ammo backpacks. Their right shoulders have a red and black chevron; the Sergeant sports the same symbol on his left knee (due to the Terminator badge on the right shoulder).

I also finished a Terminator Librarian at the same time. He is a huge mini, with tons of detail, like a long tabard, purity seals, scrolls, and pages chained to his armor, as well as the ubiquitous Librarian book and horned skull symbols. I kept the color scheme simple, with a lighter blue (same as the other Librarians I’ve done for the Fists). Red and parchment feature prominently as well. A single color accent is the purple bookmark ribbon in the tome on his right shoulder. He carries a giant Storm Shield, a part from some third party company. I painted his eyes as sunken in, dead white, to represent his psyker nature.

More Crimson Fists coming along.


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