Crimson Fists: Los Puños Carmesíes


More Crimson Fists! I’ve been working on specialists and heavy weapons troopers, as well as an optional Veteran Sergeant.

First up the Vet Sergeant. He’s one of the new Mk 3 plastics, with a nice iconic red power fist and bolt pistol. His other wise spartan decoration is accented by a red helmet and striped brush crest. As a Veteran, both of his gauntlets are red, rather than just the left.

Next are some heavy weapon Marines, in this case a Multi-melta and a Lascannon. Since there’s a lot of details for their gear, I put in 3 angles to look at. The power and fuel tubes for the multi-melta turned out a bit busy with the hazard striping, but I suppose it works. I opted for a variety of stripe spacing to help differentiate the individual tubes. These two Marines are weapon options for Tactical squads, thus they wear the Tactical arrow on their right shoulders.

The last pic is the first members of a Sterguard Veteran squad for the army. These guys are decorated veterans of several battles, so they get plenty of character as individuals. Like the Veteran Sergeant above, both their hands are red.

The top Marine has a combi-plasma, with his helmet hung on his belt. He is one of the Mk 3 plastics, unadorned with extra frippery beyond a purity seal. I added a crux terminatus symbol on his right shoulder and a painted laurel wreath decoration on his helmet. His bare head also gives him character.

The bottom Marine is one of the Sternguard Finecast Veterans, with a left arm and shoulder swap, and Rogue Trader-era bolter. He has a lot more decoration that his comrade above, with purity seals, eagle designs, and loincloth. The loincloth will be ubiquitous for the Sterngaurd squad.



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