Crimson Fists: Veterans of Rynn’s World

I’ve wrapped up the Sternguard Veteran Squad for the Crimson Fists. These scarboys are loaded for bear, and blinged to the gills. Most are simply built from the huge store of bits from the Sterngaurd sprues, though the Sergeant has a tabard from the Black Templars. The others are modified Finecast Vets. Like the rest of the army they have resin Crimson Fists shoulder pads, with some of the decorated backpacks as well.

They all bear the paired red gauntlets of Veteran Marines, as well as loads of battle honors, decorations, trophies, etc. They also all wear loincloths or tabards to further make them stand out for the regular Marines. The unit is split with suped-up bolters and combi-meltas for some utter destruction when they arrive in the inevitable Drop Pod.

The Veteran Sergeant has a iconic red power fist, and a red Sergeant’s helmet. The Marine with him has a bare head, having tossed his helmet aside after some battle damage (the scarring on the helmet corresponds to the fresh welling scar across his face).

Back to more basic Tactical Marines and some characters next.


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