Antares: Boromite Brood Mother



I’ve finished yet another big project, this time the Boromite Brood Mother from Beyond the Gates of Antares. This is the first minie I’ve done from this game. Maybe more will be in my future…

This giant model is solid resin, easily 2 or so pounds. The legs extend past the edges of a 60mm base that the client picked for it. The Brood Mother doesn’t usually have a base, but the client wanted to make any questions of placement on the table easy to determine.

The idea of the Brood Mother is that it is a rock beast, its interior molten rock. The heat from the molten center leaks from the various pores, a wound on its side, and of course the gaping maw. To emphasize this, I went for a cool outer skin of basalt-like deep blue stone (P3 Coal Black) with only minor highlighting. I highlighted the gravelly textures dotted over the surface and picked out small stones in GW Admin Grey or MSP Dusky Skin. The giant teeth were Dusky Skin highlighted with white and GW Rakarth Flesh.

The harness and weapon emplacements were painted a dull yellow to contrast with the dark blue. The shading/highlighting was done to show the industrious nature of Boromite tech, with plenty of chipping and staining. The green lenses covering the surfaces were picked out in green, the same as the force field (?) bulbs dotted over the Brood Mother’s body.

The base is 60mm resin, from Secret Weapon. The lava flow effect was done with shades of P3 Sanguine Base for the coolest parts (deep deep red), highlighting up through GW Khorne Red, Mephiston Red, Troll Slayer Orange, Averland Sunset, and finally Flash Gitz Yellow. This color chain was also used for the glowing interior of the Brood Mother. I included pics of the base to show this off, as once the Brood Mother is attached, it gets somewhat obscured. The minie has only a few tiny places where it actually touches the ground, walking on its knuckles on only three of its limbs. I had to pin the feet to the base, and even then I worry that it might break off at some point. Here’s hoping it stays together.


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