Saga: Equites

I’ve been adding to my Romano-British force for Saga: Aetius & Arthur. I like both of the Roman and Briton factions’ battle boards, so I am designing some of my minies to be usable for either. These will be Romano-British, representing Britons and/or Romans in Britannia near the end of the occupation. In a pinch, they could even represent Goths (since at the time the Goths often were under the employ of the Romans anyway).

With that in mind, I picked up 2 blisters of mounted troops from Gripping Beast; one set of Roman armored cavalry and one of Briton cavalry. They will act as Commanipulares for the Britons or Knights for the Romans. These are the first 4 members of what will be an 8-man Hearthguard unit. I’ll also be able to attach 2 of them as the Companions for the Briton Warlord, the rest forming a 6-man unit.

The miniatures mix nicely together; the Late Roman legions were much more hodge-podge in their uniforms and unit designations. I also figured the Hearthguard, being of the equites social class, would have even more leeway and mixed equipment. The majority of the unit will have the roundel legion shield design, with a few unique designs mixed in. Along with the roundel, the chi-ro symbol shows up in a few places. Their clothing was procured locally, so they’re wearing British versions of the Roman tunics common at that period.

I painted the striping on their cavalry spears, since they apparently did paint them for both decoration and to protect the wooden shafts from rot. Technically, the spears might be a bit too long for this period (resembling full lances) but I’m ok with that to make them look more striking on the table.

The Warlord has been posted here before. However, after some thought and research, I decided he needed a little ‘oomph’. His original shield was a bit boring, and his javelin wasn’t really impressive. With that in mind, a weapon swap (to a proper Roman spatha) and a highly decorated shield. The Virgin will safeguard him through all future battles! The icon and the unit’s shields were all based on historical images I found.

The rest of the unit will come along eventually.


4 Responses to “Saga: Equites”

  1. Stunning work on the warlord’s shield design and basing. What is written on the headstone? The paved road overgrown by ground creepers is also a nice touch.

    Naturally the other guys look splendid, too. The striped spears really make them pop.

    I would love to see a close-up of the shield design.

    • Thanks! The stone is a Roman roadside mile marker, based off a photograph I found. I can’t find it now, but I think it names the Legion who built the road in Emperor Hadrian’s name. One problem with Roman text on structures is that Roman Latin is often written without word breaks, so a non-speaker like myself can’t always read it well. The marker is depicted here as eroded, having seen better days, like the path it sits next to.

      • It is those kinds of details and research even behind a small scenic element that really elevates a base. I just love it.

        Erosion is always a good way to go in such cases and I use it often to hide mistakes etc. You can also get yourself a publication of roman Inscriptions in the library. They should be transcribed and you can more easily figure out what is written.

      • Might look into that whenever I add some actual Roman infantry to the force.

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