Field of Glory: Arrows and Bolts

I’ve had a good round of painting lately, so have gotten a lot done for the Lancastrian English army for Field of Glory.

Featured here are the third Longbow archers battlegroup and a Mercenary Crossbow group.

The archers are Retinue Longbow under Andrew Trollope, the army’s third commander, one of the Lancaster cause’s great strategists. His livery is green and white, with a white stag as his emblem. The archers follow the same coloring convention as the previous groups, with a mix of patterns using the livery colors plus additional colors to break it up. I decided to go with Trollope over Lord Clifford for the third commander because I wanted the Longbow units to be easily distinguishable on the table. Clifford’s colors are white and red, too close to Northumberland’s colors.  I included a detail of the white stag some archers wear on their tunics.

The second unit is the Mercenary Crossbows. These are foreign fighters from the Continent, not in direct service to any lords or nobles. Thus they have no common livery or unit colors, instead using a wide mix of colors and patterns. I did opt to sprinkle in a bias of yellow/black, the colors of the Swiss canton of Uri. The Swiss were always in demand during the time period, so it fits. And as before, it allows for easy identification across the table.

I’m not too happy that the Crossbowmen I got for the unit were all the same sculpt. The monopose is annoying for stand-based minies. I did try for variety with a little more staggered formation on the bases, as well as the colors. I also decided to create a ‘command’ stand for the unit, to show their separation from the proper retinue troops. A Swiss mercenary captain in Uri colors, accompanied by a man-at-arms with a big ax (plus crossbowman) finishes off the unit.

The medium foot for the army are done now. All that remains is the Mounted Knights (4 stands) and 3 groups of Dismounted Men-at-Arms (12 stands), as well as the 3 commanders.


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