Tyranids: Living Artillery


I’ve finished up the next group of Tyranids for a friend. These critters are an Exocrine and a brood of Venomthropes.

The Exocrine is a living artillery piece, a sort of walking howitzer. It’s a huge beastie, outweighing even the Carnifexes I’ve posted earlier. It follows the same color convention as the rest of the army. The Exocrine has a broad carapace, just asking for decoration. It got the yellow ‘eye spots’ seen on the other Tyranids. I also added a small diamond shaped spot on the Exocrine’s little head poking out from under the cannon. I figured it could use a little something to make it stand out.

Alongside the Exocrine comes a brood of Venomthropes. These floating critters are support for the large creatures of the army, giving them a cloud of spores to hide in as they advance. I love the Cthulhu-esque heads and whipping tentacles. The brood are a nice contrast to the tanky big Tyranids I’ve done before.

There’s more Tyranids in the future.


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