I’ve picked up a random commission, this time a large grouping of Gladiators. These are from Crusader Miniatures, and have a wide selection of poses and designs. It’s been a while since I’ve done metal miniatures; I’ve forgotten the little annoyances of cleaning them. The Gladiators seem to be pretty accurate, reflecting the variety of the combatants seen in the ancient Roman arenas. These pics represent just the first grouping I’ve finished.

I allowed myself a large variety of skin tones, considering the wide area of the empire that the Romans had to get prisoners and slaves from. Most could be considered Roman, Greek, or Celts, but there are a few Nubians and Numidians scattered around. The shields of the warriors have been left blank for now; either transfers or painted designs may follow later.

Starting off we have a retiarius, armed with a net and trident. His usual match-up is with him, a secutor, armed with a sword, shield, limb armor, and heavy helmet. These two were a popular pairing, with the lighter retiarius trying to entangle the secutor (“pursuer”) who chased after him trying to overpower him before the retiarius got in a lucky stab with the trident or exhausted the heavier gladiator.

Next is a murmillo, armed like the secutor, with a sword, shield and heavy helmet. Alongside is an eques, this time on foot rather than the horse he would ride into battle.

Next is a provocator, another heavy armored warrior. His typical opponent would have been another provocator, giving the crowds a good fight. The other warrior is a hoplomachus, armed to resemble a Greek hoplite, with bronze helmet, spear, round bucker-type shield, and heavy padding on his legs and arm. He would usually fight a murmillo or thraex.

The next pic is another secutor, this time with a big round helmet rather than the flanged one the murmillo wears.

Finally are a pair of condemned prisoners, still wearing their chains. One carries a shield and the other has a knife. Often the prisoners would be chained together, having to work together to survive the arena, or at least be a challenge for their executioners. With them is a sagittarius, an archer type of figher. While they would usually be mounted on a steed for the fight, this one is on foot.

Many more to come!




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