Gladiators: Round 2


Another group of Gladiators…

First are another perfect matchup of a secutor (with helmet, sword, and shield) and a retiarius (trident and net). The secutor here looks pretty beefy, standing resolute. The retiarius is much smaller looking, and seems to have already used his net for the fight. I did like that the model is designed to be a Numidian, including the bowl cut hair.

Next are a pair of thraeces. A thraex was armed and armored to resemble a Thracian, with a heavy helmet, small shield, and a hooked dagger resembling the Thracian rhomphaia or Dacian falx. These gladiators would often get pitted against a murmillo, recreating the fight of Thracians or Dacians versus the Roman Legions.

Next is a dimachaerus, armed with a pair of short swords or daggers. He’d also wear heavy armor, since he was seemingly all offense. This one has a nice ‘sports’ helmet with a cast face plate and hair design. Alongside him is a prisoner, armed with a simple sword. He’s still got his shackles on. He really wouldn’t have a chance though…

Next, a provocator, a classic heavy armored and well-armed champion for good fights against other provocatores or weaker foes. This one’s helmet is pretty cumbersome, and wears a metal chest plate. The other gladiator in the pic is an eques, a lightly armored horse rider type. Here he’s on foot, where hopefully his heavy helmet and shield will keep him alive.

The last pic is another murmillo, wearing the usual kit. The other fellow isn’t actually a gladiator at all. He’s a Hermes Psychopompus, one of the officials of the arena whose job was to remove the dead from the field. The getup to make him look like Hermes, who was said to guide the dead to the afterlife, might have been ironic, or in poor taste, since dead gladiators were rather unceremoniously dragged along the ground out of the gate.

There’s plenty more Gladiators to go with this commission.


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