Gladiators: Round 3


The final group of the Gladiators project are done. Always good when a big group gets finished.

First up is a Dimachaerus, a heavier type of fighter with a air of swords. With him is a Velite, a light skirmishing gladiator. They would often carried javelins or sword. This one is dressed like a Gaul (or Briton?), including the wild bleached hair and Celtic-design shield. He might actually be a Gaul…

Next are the Eques gladiators, shown in a previous post. This time they’re mounted on the horses that give them their name. I matched the colors of the riders’ clothes and shields to the foot versions. Their right hands are empty for now; they will get javelins eventually.

Next, another Hoplomachus, armed with spear and shield and Grecian-style helmet and armor. The other fighter is a Scissor, a heavy armored gladiator with an enclosing helmet and odd armored blade harness over one hand. He must have been quite interesting to watch in action.

The next pic is a Retiarius, with the typical net and trident. A variant type, the Laquearius, instead wields a spear ans whip, but otherwise wears the same armor.

Finally, there are some of the officials of the sand- Referees! You never see those in the gladiator movies. Their job was to watch the fighters, using their staff to enforce the rules, separate fighters, and end the fight when either combatant called mercy or was taken out of action. The last official is known as Charon. Named after the ferryman of the dead, his job was to use his hammer on fallen gladiators to give them merciful deaths. The god mask is a nice touch, giving some theatricality to essentially the mop-up man.

All done!



2 Responses to “Gladiators: Round 3”

  1. Wonderful collection of gladiators. I especially like the Charon character. A very unique addition. Are there any rules for officials in the available Gladiator rule sets?

    • I’m not familiar with Gladiator rules sets. I assume officials would just be ‘flavor’ on the table anyway, if not ignored for simplicity.

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