Wars of the Roses: The House of Lancaster


The Lancaster army for the Wars of the Roses is done. Except for the camp, all battlegroups are finished. On to the Yorkists!

This is the full 600 point army-

Commander-in-Chief: Duke of Somerset

Sub-commander: Duke of Exeter

Sub-commander: Earl of Northumberland

3 Longbow Archers groups (in Somerset, Northumberland, and Trollope liveries) w/ stakes

3 Dismounted Men-at-Arms and Footmen groups (in Somerset, Roos, and Clifford liveries)

Mounted Men-at-Arms group (no particular favored livery)

Mercenary Crossbow group (being mercs, they have no unified livery)


In designing the army, I picked colors based off the real commands of the Battle of Wakefield. Then I picked good color combinations based on what looked good together. I didn’t want too much unity for the army, as the Wars of the Roses favored units owing fealty to their own leaders rather than a the king himself (part of the whole problem that led to the war!).

Detailed pics of each battlegroup can be seen in previous posts.

The Yorkists army I have planned on the other hand will be more unified, as it will follow Edward IV, his brother Richard, Duke of Gloucester (the future Richard III) and Lord Hastings, who all have very similar livery colors of red/blue or murry/blue. A few lesser nobles will bring some color variation though, such as Neville’s blue/white and Buckingham’s red/black.


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