Saga: Fantasy 2nd edition- Red In Tooth and Claw

Just an update with more of my reskinned Saga battleboards for Warhammer Fantasy.

I keep to the rivalry theme here with the Beastmen and Wood Elves.

Beastmen: The beasts of Chaos use the Welsh rules, being lightly armored and loving skirmish and hit and run. They specialize in ambushing and ganging up on weakened opponents before closing in for the kill. The Welsh and Strathclyde factions getting folded together allows for mounted options. Normally the Beastmen lack any cavalry, but they do have the Centigors, so that works.

Warlords are Beastlords or Wargors, the strongest members of their tribe, gifted by the Gods; they are armed with throwing axes and/or javelins (or cast spells, representing Shamans). They can be ‘mounted’, representing a Centigor Lord or even a Dragon Ogre.

Hearthguard are the Bestigors, the powerful core of the tribe, wearing the best scavenged armor (though despite that they are -1 Armor in close combat); they are armed with throwing axes and/or javelins. They can be’ mounted’, fielded as Centigors.

Warriors are the Gors, the common members of the tribe. They generally lack armor or shields, preferring to travel lightly (-1 Armor in close combat); they are armed with throwing axes and/or javelins. Like the Hearthguard, they can be ‘mounted’ as Centigors.

Levies are the Ungors, the weakest members of the tribe. They are armed with throwing axes/javelins or bows.

Wood Elves: In the previous edition, I used the Normans rules, as I thought the brutal cavalry backed by dangerous shooting fit them. However, I have revised the board to instead use the Last Romans from the Viking Age book. The Last Romans emphasize a united front, with lots of shooting and elite cavalry, but more coordination between units than the Normans brought. The rules here sort of leave out some of the troop types that the Wood Elves could field but works well enough.

Warlords are the Kindred, leaders of one of the numerous kinbands. They represent Glade Lords, mounted on stag or Elven steed.

Hearthguards are the Nobles, elite guardians of the Wood Elf realms.  They can take to battle mounted as the Sisters of the Thorn or Wild Riders. Mounted Hearthguard can use either lances or composite bows. Alternately, one unit can be fielded on foot as Rangers, Dryads, or Wardancers; either way, they count as carrying great weapons (-1 Armor to both them and enemies in close combat).

Warriors are the Eternal Guard, the common members of the kinbands. They fight in ranks of spear on foot, or carry bows, representing Waywatchers.

Levies are the Glade Guard, the militia of the army. They carry bows, firing in massed ranks of black-feathered arrows. Other units can carry short bows (javelins).

As the army uses the Last Romans rules, it would be interesting to field a Harald Hardrada analogue, possibly a great Forest Warden on foot, or even a powerful Dryad character like Drycha. With that, the army would be able to field several foot Hearthguard units.

The next two aren’t rivals. Instead we have the woshippers of Chaos, first the Unidivided Marauder tribes, and the other faction the devoted warriors of Khorne.

Chaos Undivided: This faction represents the mortals who worship the Chaos Gods as a pantheon of equals, praying to each in turn. This version is closer to a tribe of Northmen, seeking to achieve the favor of the gods. The Norse-Gaels faction seems a good match, with its emphasis on building up combat bonues (trying to catch the attention of the gods) and brutal close combat.

Warlords are Champions of Chaos, leaders of Northmen tribes, marked by the gods on the path of Damnation. They can be equipped with Great Weapons (Dane axes, flails, two-handed swords, etc.).

Hearthguard are the Warriors of Chaos, armored brutes dedicated to their gods. They may be equipped with Great Weapons (Dane axes, halberds, etc.)

Warriors of the warband are the Marauders, aggressive mortal tribesmen. They are armed with either Great Weapons (often axes or flails) or throwing axes (javelins).

Levy are the Cultists, the weakest tribesmen. They are often slaves from defeated tribes or newcomers to the worship of Chaos, striving to gain favor. They carry throwing axes and javelins. This could also represent a sorcerous coven like with Tzeentch.

Khorne: I decided to adapt Khorne’s worshippers using the Jomsvikings. The bloody soldiers of Khorne are pitiless and unstoppable, building their Wrath over the course of the battle, until they unleash it through violent destruction. Any member of the warband can carry great weapons or halberds (Dane Axes).

Warlord are the Champions of Khorne, blood-soaked, brutal  killers.

Hearthguard are the Blood Knights, the warband’s most dedicated soldiers, gifted with fine armor and gore-slicked weapons.

Warriors are the Slaughterkin, each desiring nothing more than to prove their power and skill to the Blood God.

Levies are not part of the warband. Khorne pays no heed to weaklings and non-combatants, other than providing more skulls for the Throne. The army cannot take any mercenary units either.


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