Field of Glory: House of York

More soldiers of the House of York from the Wars of the Roses! The army I’m building for Field of Glory is roughly half-way done. I’ve finished all the infantry, leaving the commanders and mounted knights.

The first pic is the dismounted Men-at-Arms and assorted Footmen, built as a 6-stand battlegroup. This unit will be more resilient than the 4-stand Lancaster units I built, at the cost of maneuverability. They predominately wear the livery of Edward IV, king of England at the time of the Battle of Tewkesbury. The scheme is similar to the livery of Lord Hastings (shown earlier) but reverses the colors and uses a darker red for the most part. Other colors include Neville and Buckingham, as well as Dacre, Scott, and Kent. As in other groups I varied the colors to make the unit look more interesting.

Since the unit was so important, I had the unit include a command stand, with a unit leader, drummer, and standard bearer with Edward’s standard. To bolster the look, the second rank also has a banner, this time a St. George’s cross.

The second pic is the second Longbowsmen battlegroup, this time bearing the livery and banner of Richard, Duke of Gloucester. Gloucester’s livery is the same as his brother Edward, but I didn’t add the yellow edging and extra decoration seen in some of the Footmen. The second rank is made up of archers under service of Buckingham. I posted the Buckingham Longbowsmen earlier.



Alongside the loyal retainers of the crown, we have more mercenaries. These are Pikemen, hailing from the Low Countries (Flanders and the like). The unit is an 8-stand block, fighting in 4 ranks in 2 columns. The unit’s color scheme is much more of a motley compared to the rest of the army, reflecting the mixed nature of the Continental mercenaries. I avoided any real overall scheme. I did favor an orange/white color scheme a little to avoid the unit being too busy.

Taking advantage of the long pikes I had the unit carrying 4 separate banners for decoration. I nicely decorated pike block looks great on a table. The army’s banners are from Freezywaters Flags, rather than the banners of the Lancastrian army I did by hand.

A note on miniatures: The pike models are one-piece casts. The pikes are attached of course, but have the problem of being long soft metal. I had to straighten and uncurl every one, and as seen in the pics I wasn’t able to get them all sorted right. The mass of pikes looks better in column, which helps hide the odd pike shaft. Other manufacturers, like Old Glory 15’s, use brass wire instead. This has its own problems (attachment and ease of damage) but they don’t get bent easily.

On to the mounted troops!


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