Field of Glory: Legions


More recruits for the Legion! The Mid-Republic Roman army slowly grows.

Next up is another cohort of Hastati and Principes, this time with yellow shields. The shields got a decoration of oak leaves, repeated on the more Greek style shield of their Centurian. They use the same models as the previous Legion battlegroup.

Backing up the Hastati and Principes in the front lines are a small grouping of Triarii, the hard-core vets of the army. The oldest, most experienced soldiers in the army, they actually apparently were mostly there for morale and only stepping in if things went to hell during battle. They got red tunics to help differentiate them from the main line Legions’ white.

The planned army is based partly off the starter set from Essex Miniatures, coming in at ~600 points.

-Field Commander

-Troop Commander x2

-4x Hastati & Principes x4

-2x Triarii x2

-2x Velites x4

-Roman Cavalry x4

-Numidian Cavalry x4

-Allied Italian Spear x8

-Fortified Camp



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